The Final Day

So the final day of our trip is here and what a trip it has been. It's had its ups and downs more ups than downs. A trip that has had some scary moments and escapes from the Law and other individuals. Having said that, its a trip that has been very memorable in many ways and wouldnt have been the same without my friend Chrissy, who drove us around Detroit and not always the right way.

The last day was spent going to the Packard Plant and surrounding areas, trying to capture some of the images we had missed on the other days. It was a pretty chilled morning before heading back to the airport and then having lunch at legends dinner, which seemed to have been our home over the four days.

So leaving Detroit behind, we headed off to the airport as the last few days had flown by, in what has been an unbelievable experience. Detroit is a city that has so much to offer and explore. Detroit is cased in history, that I fear will soon disappear. The outer suburbs of Detroit are dwindling away, with little what we saw of any regeneration of buildings. This can't be said for the city, where it seemed money was being ploughed into new offices, apartments and new tram system called the Q-line which opened on the 12th May 2017. This can only be a good thing for Detroit which will hopefully offer more jobs and better wages to the poorer people. It was still sad to see ex war veterans begging in Detroit, they have served their country and find themselves homeless, this is truly a sad state of affairs.

Sat at the airport it was pretty smooth going through check in and security. Since we had a few hours to kill, we decided to ride the internal monorail around the airport which lasted all of ten minutes. We then decided to go to McDonald's, for some food, the one thing I did notice was that there wasn't many of them in Detroit compared to the UK. We ended up talking to an American guy who noticed our accents. He introduced himself (his name I cant remember) had just travelled back from Japan. He'd previously been in the UK. He talked about his time there and how everything seemed so different compared to the USA. I guess we feel the same when we travel from the UK to the USA.

So off to the waiting area and just when you think things are going well, we're told our flight is delayed and we will miss our connecting flight to UK. THANKS DELTA!!! As you can image with the recent press on Delta airways, I can say it's all true, they really don't care about their customers.

Thanks to Delta it took two days to come home, via JFK and Orlando International. I probably would travel with them again, but when there is no other way to get around the USA, you have little choice. Well that's it for this trip and I/We hope to travel back to Detroit very soon.