Day 1

So first day in detriot and it has had its moments so far. Whilst out here shooting (not Literally) Wwe have been refused entry into a number of derlict buildings. This is due to hightend security after a statement from the Mayor who wanted all derlict buildings made safe to stop the puiblic being injured and to stop the buildings being stripped of the steel inside.

Me and Chrissy have been into some of the down and out parts of Detriot, although sopme of these parts have looked very dodgy. At no point have we felt threatened, we have been warned a number of times to stay safe by the local enforcment offices as we are in some very dangerous areas, however most of the people we have met have been very friendly.

One of the security officers called Rob escorted us to a restaurent as we were struggling to find food in the area. He also invited us back to the Parkard Plant on the Tuesday as his guest to watch the breaking ground of a new 16 Million dollare refit of part of one of the old buildings being turned into offices and housing.

The Rest of the day we have been driving up and down the vast streets near the Parkard Plant. We stopped when safe to do photograph the empty houses, some of which are protected by the residents, who are still living within walking distance from the properties.

Whilst driving back to the hotel, we passed a derlict factory and desided to investigate. After further investigation it was apparent that the old factory was the old Cadillac Plant which produced car shells. We made our way through a broken part of the fence and then over to the nearest accesible entrance, which was a shutter covered in timber, "The timber door entrance was swinging open so it was easy to gain access". Once inside it was clear to see that the building was under construction as there were a number of construction vehicles inside.

Whilst in the building photographing, Chrissy who was in a different area and suddenly came rushing to find me as quietly as possible. Looking all flustered, she told me that there was a dog in the building and it must have ran right past her. This told us it was time to leave. We were expecting to meet the dogs owner on our way out, but fortunately for us the exit was all clear and we made our escape...